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new thought:

what if abolitionists cared about homeless queer youth as much as they care about abolishing sex work?

What if they were making plans for youth shelters and day centers with laundry and food, with access to computers and GED prep and showers and legal advice…

Susan Brownmiller on Emmett Till



Susan Brownmiller (also antisw) on Emmett Till:

Rarely has one single case exposed so clearly as Till’s the underlying group male antagonisms over access to women, for what began in Bryant’s store should not be misconstrued as an innocent flirtation…. Emmett Till was going to show his black buddies that he, and by inference, they could get a white woman and Carolyn Bryant was the nearest convenient object. In concrete terms, the accessibility of all white women was on review.30 

Brownmiller also wrote,

And what of the wolf whistle, Till’s ‘gesture of adolescent bravado?’… The whistle was no small tweet of hubba-hubba or melodious approval for a well turned ankle…. It was a deliberate insult just short of physical assault, a last reminder to Carolyn Bryant that this black boy, Till, had in mind to possess her.31

The same lack of empathy shown to sex workers, the same complete disregard of their humanity, words, and lived experience, is here shown to a 14 yr old boy who was lynched and murderered: instead Brownmiller buys into and perpetuates the solipsistic narrative created by his murderers, adding on to the narrative of black men as rapists, little more than animals, even as children.



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